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Trigg Point #3: The Reflection Section

Thinking backwards couldn’t be easier. 

 Yet we seem to do it less and less. What is at stake by constantly burrowing distractedly forward, endlessly loading another page to read?
 At Trigg we believe your long term happiness and immediate progress is at risk by not reflecting. As such one of the key tenets of our annual Life Mapper are 52 provocative requests to consider what has immediately just occurred and then provide space to write down our observations. Every weekend we’ll ask you one simple yet demanding question to trigger a reflection. Maybe all this sounds too simple. But we live in an age, surrounded by behaviour, culture and technology that insists we never turn around to study our...

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Trigg Point #2: The Calm Practice of Planning

Inexplicably it is already the 11th of January.Time is up to its usual tricks.Somehow that lush time around Christmas where we were going to undertake so many calm and spacious reflections and tinker with such expansive plans has been viciously munched by the clock.We are too busy again. You may not have even dared to take any ink to your Trigg yet.If so then donʼt get scared of making grand, bold and immense plans. Letʼs start small. This little note is aimed to help bring slightly more scribblings to your new diary and ensure Trigg settles into the rhythm of your life.   We see the Priority Planner like a life raft or at least a buoyancy aid for your...

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