Trigg Point #2: The Calm Practice of Planning

Inexplicably it is already the 11th of January.

Time is up to its usual tricks.

Somehow that lush time around Christmas where we were going to undertake so many calm and spacious reflections and tinker with such expansive plans has been viciously munched by the clock.

We are too busy again. You may not have even dared to take any ink to your Trigg yet.

If so then donʼt get scared of making grand, bold and immense plans. Letʼs start small. This little note is aimed to help bring slightly more scribblings to your new diary and ensure Trigg settles into the rhythm of your life.


We see the Priority Planner like a life raft or at least a buoyancy aid for your most important aims of the week.

So, spend some time each weekend or early on Monday to figure out what action will make your life better, your work calmer, your passions stronger, and how you can ensure the relationships around you are best maintained and hopefully evolving.

We suggest that you use these eight goal slots for the most influential aims you can introduce to your week. This is less to do with remembering to buy cat food and much more imagining how to make your first week of the year more enjoyable and effective than any previous opening week of any previous years.

We hope that by writing these BIG thoughts down at the start of the week you may be able to hold them aloft from all the rising mess of endless messages, extra work, thwarted plans, illness, seductive screens, troubled friends, broken trains, reluctant thoughts or any sadness that shakes you from your path.

Why only four categories though?

After an embarrassingly long period of research (and also testing on very busy, emotional people) Trigg evolved to focus on these four umbrella areas of SELF, WORK, PASSION, RELATIONSHIPS since these are the areas of life where we find the most change, the most impact and also the most pleasure and pain.

Since humans are pretty much only powered by the push away from pain or the pull towards pleasure we based our categories very much along these crucial lines.

And why only eight goals a week?

Previously we had LOADS of spaces for goals on this priority planner page. In fact, early versions of that page were a bit crazy. But we discovered that even over just 1 month of experimenting our testers all fed back saying the same thing: there were just too many. Despite their high ambitions and also high level of effectiveness, all consistently struggled to fill up more than 8 - 10 big picture goals week after week and week.

After all 8 x big picture goals x 52 weeks = 416 aspirations hopefully nailed. If we manage to deliver on all of those lofty aims then weʼll hopefully see some positive changes slink into our lives.

Suggested Goals and Subcategories

In case you are finding our umbrella categories a bit too wide then below weʼve listed how these areas of your life might breakdown into more digestible chunks, or at least provoke thoughts more relevant to your world.

  • Health
  • Spirituality
  • Home
  • Diet
  • Mental health focus
  • Learning
  • Creative expression
  • Reading and development
  • Exercise
  • Music
  • Culture - Films, Books, Art, Stories, Architecture
  • Sports
  • Going out
  • Personal projects
  • Travel
  • Languages
  • Food
  • Writing
  • Lovers
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Neighbours
  • Colleagues
  • Volunteering
  • Short term career goals
  • Long term career vision
  • Ongoing Education
  • School, College or Uni focus and aims
  • Radical workplace ideas


Weʼd love to hear your feedback on how your year has started with Trigg.

Please mail with any thoughts or observations.

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