“Trigg will have you mapping all the key points in your life and on your way to reach your goals.” - Jay Miller, Host, Productivity in Tech Podcast


" If you want to pay attention to invest your time, attention and energy into the most important activities, Trigg could be just what you are looking for.”  - Neen James, ‘Attention Pays’ Host & Productivity Speaker


" I am more organised, but also am prioritising habits and activities that make me happy like drinking less and making the effort to spend time with those I love." - Allison, Trigg user       

"I use my daily trigg planner sections as a gratitude journal so I am always on the look out for little things to be thankful for." - Alex, Trigg user

"Trigg will have you mapping all the key points in your life and on your way to reach your goals" - Doug, productivity mentor
"In a world that is increasingly digital having a physical diary seemed bizarre at first, however it certainly improve my productivity and well being" - Jules, Trigg user

"The daily productivity quad was a revelation for me... as someone who runs a small but growing business I can often get inveigle in the small stuff" - Dane, Trigg user

"Trigg allowed me to carve out time for big sky thinking, which is so important for longer term business planning" - Jonas, Trigg user

"The simple structure has taught me to think differently about may week, to really work out what I am trying to do and to plan ahead in a more thoughtful way" - Liam, Trigg user