Trigg Point #3: The Reflection Section

Thinking backwards couldn’t be easier. 

Yet we seem to do it less and less. What is at stake by constantly burrowing distractedly forward, endlessly loading another page to read?

At Trigg we believe your long term happiness and immediate progress is at risk by not reflecting. As such one of the key tenets of our annual Life Mapper are 52 provocative requests to consider what has immediately just occurred and then provide space to write down our observations. Every weekend we’ll ask you one simple yet demanding question to trigger a reflection.

Maybe all this sounds too simple. But we live in an age, surrounded by behaviour, culture and technology that insists we never turn around to study our own patterns and actions. We have evolved to be very effective at looking at OTHER people’s success, videos and obsessively edited, suspiciously framed snapshots of life.

But surely instead of scanning through thousands of curated images from hundreds of other people we should be scanning through our day, week or year? Consider how much more effective you would we be in all areas of work, relationships, passions and self if you regularly studied your own patterns, flow or setbacks.

One of the numerous reasons Trigg evolved as a paper product is to be polar opposite of the Internet. The very act of writing down thoughts, admissions or intentions acts as a kind of mini-rehearsal for doing.

Handwriting is a powerful route to commitment, memory and action. There is so much written about this fact, and we’re adamant you already know yourself, even if you’ve lost the habit.

Our brains work differently when we harness a pen and paper and the results and effects on our behaviour can be startling. There’s a lot written about it HERE and HERE.


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