How To Dominate The Apocalypse

Imagine you were the last person left on earth.... everyone else has vanished.

Would you still carry out EVERY ONE of the tasks you plan to do today?

The answer is a guaranteed “no”. Many of the actions you’ll undertake this week rely on an interdependence with other humans, thus making them impossible during the apocalypse.

Most likely you work for someone else, or your job maintains a chain of demands that in isolation would be meaningless. 

However hopefully there exists an objective that you plan to carry out soon that you’d still undertake even if no-one could ever witness you doing it.

We are talking about any small aspiration or task that makes you happy without having to show, verify or prove anything to others. This could be a spiritual endeavour, a hobby, an intention to engage with anything you find beautiful or some sport or skilful distraction that releases endorphins and delivers satisfaction.

If today you will experience this - then you have beauty in your life. For this endeavour is yours completely. It is staked out as individual; ring fenced as personal. 

But what if all of today’s tasks are stacked up simply to benefit hundreds of other people and not you?

The reason why we ask such a provocative question is simple. We believe in the modern, digital age far too many people are being left unnourished by their day.

The greedy behaviour patterns of smartphones, internet, junk TV, box sets and advertising combined with the plummeting of economies and the rising pressures of work means many people are locked into a daily cycle that offers them no personal, emotional or spiritual nutrients. Most of what we look at numbs us.

The ease by which we are fed this digital diet pacifies our hunger for the inspirational. The majority of random visual media that surrounds us only serves other people. And it's completely constructed crap.

We believe the “self” is being dissolved rapidly.

It is EXACTLY why we have evolved a paper diary / journal called Trigg that ensures we create a bubble of air for ourselves, every single day. 

We also felt washed away. Chasing our tail delivering near-meaningless work for the vague benefit of others.

We wondered what tasks we'd suddenly find ourselves doing if no one could see us? What liberating behaviour would we stumble into? Was there something that we'd always felt embarrassed about exploring but felt strangely drawn to?

Our antidote was to design and rigorously road test a productivity and mindfulness diary that thrusts your favourite activities, greatest intentions and most basic psychological needs right to the centre.

Our video below highlights exactly how this Life Mapper works.

Trigg encourages you to plan ahead on the stuff that really will make a positive impact on your life. From all areas of the "self", to your umbrella of possible passions and into your relationships ... and of course work.

This paper companion will provide structures so that you can sketch out your annual aims as well as play around with ideas of where you need to direct your life in 2, 5 or even 50 years.

It also has a weekly personal goal planner that you use BEFORE your week gets busy. This means you can easily hold aloft your most sacred intentions from the floods of maintainence tasks or demands from your boss, family and friends.

We even have a daily productivity quad so you can separate out all the most vital stuff from the needy, busy niggles. This features a “drop” box where we nudge you towards writing down things you think you SHOULD do but actually, on reflection MIGHT be pointless.

Obviously, if the whole of the human race was wiped out and you were all alone, then this box would be far too small! But we find it really liberating to squeeze in annoying and unjustified tasks into this little grey oasis of deletion. It's a prison for the pointless. 

You can try using a quad today. On your pad or a piece of paper divide your day into a 4 way quad:  Label the four areas: Do, Plan, Delay and Delete.

It's worth a test. And it’s amazing how much more effective you’ll find your day to be. Whether you are dodging zombies or simply trying to get through your week.

To learn more or buy a Trigg Life Mapper then more info can be found HERE


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