Trigg Life Mapper 2022
Trigg Life Mapper 2022
Trigg Life Mapper 2022
Trigg Life Mapper 2022
Trigg Life Mapper 2022
Trigg Life Mapper 2022
Trigg Life Mapper 2022

Trigg Life Mapper 2022


Trigg is an award winning productivity & mindfulness diary that transforms your goals into success. We bring planning, habit & mindfulness to a fresh journal format.

We are sad to report that we have sold out of 2022 Life Mappers. We will not be printing anymore. 

If you wish then you can buy The Trigg Mini, our 3 month dateless version. Click here to read more about this sister product. 

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In Spring 2022 we will have a new range of Trigg products. Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated. 

This is a 2022 page-a-day A5 productivity diary that will guide your most sacred of intentions to the higher ground of success.

Trigg is an analogue refuge for all the most impactful areas of your life: from self, to relationships, passions and of course your work. 

Printed on ivory 90 gsm paper with faux leather debossed cover. Trigg is a new productivity diary to help you achieve more powerful goals over the next 12 months.

Trigg has a range of 10 innovative structures that will elevate the quality of your life, deliver perspective, induce greater gratitude and reduce procrastination.

» ‘Annual Forecast’ section to outline your key targets

» A ‘Personal Manifesto’ to visualise and amplify your core desires and behaviour

» A monthly planner page to verbalise the most important aims before your month starts

» A daily productivity grid to compartmentalise the urgent, long term vital from the irrelevant

» A weekly gratitude section to ensure you value and revel in the week’s highlights

» A weekly reflection section to ensure you learn and evolve from all successes AND failures

» A daily inspirational quote themed around productivity, mindfulness, habit or gratitude

» A weekly ‘call to action’ that ensures you check in with your dreams and progress

» A six month review section to check in with your goals

» A final annual review section to holistically assess your year on highs, lows and lessons

Think Trigg: ascend to greater perspective.

Trigg also won "Best New Product" at London's Stationery Show 2017. 


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