Writing Your Personal Annual Review: The Vivid Crossroad of Recollection and Intention.

Writing your own annual review?

I remember the first time I tried to sit down and undertake this task. I didn’t feel qualified. This surely wasn’t my job? In hindsight its terrifying to imagine that was my reaction: to be waiting around for someone to direct my life for me.

I didn’t even have a boss either, which was even more bizarre! Who was I waiting around for to gift me more perspective? I even thought back to my previous boss: she was exhausted, struggling herself …. and barely knew me.

Since school 12 years earlier, I hadn’t been effectively directed. I worked either freelance or within weird and wonky arts organisations or charities. This meant it was all too easy to slide entirely through the cracks when it came to personal development and growth. Each year I blindly rolled into the next year eager to repeat all my successes and failures verbatim.

Annual Review Page

The driving principle in our Trigg Life Mapper is reflection and mindfulness. Whilst this is encouraged daily, the end of the year offers a natural finish line for your ambitions and achievements. Most people also have a holiday which are the best times to reflect.

So here we are: at a juncture where the Annual Personal Forecast meets the Annual Review. A vivid crossroads of recollection and intention. These are kindred and symbiotic bedfellows that drive each other onwards. The principle of reflection is powerful when undertaken with sincerity.


How to write yours…

  • Spend a few days reflecting on the year
  • Take notes as they occur to you
  • Start to think about what has gone well and what could have unfolded better in 2017
  • Trigg recommends the 4 umbrellas to shelter your thoughts and encourage balance:  SELF, RELATIONSHIPS, PASSIONS & WORK
  • Once you feel you ordered with your thoughts then turn to the back section in your Trigg
  • Use bullet points to fill up each of our themed pages
  • On the left hand page describe your successes
  • On the right hand page lay out your setbacks
  • Be honest. This is the ultimate moment for personal transparency
  • Think about what has made you most happy, most sad, most angry ….
  • What have been the most profound or uncomfortable lessons?
  • Write down all your wisdom that you need to take into next year
  • What habits have held you back? What habits would be desirable to have a better existence?


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