Your Annual Forecast

Writing your Annual Forecast

Near to the front of Trigg you’ll find a the Annual Forecast section. It is here we can start to evolve the more powerful intentions for the year ahead.

There is a page for SELF, a page for PASSIONS, a page for RELATIONSHIPS and finally, (and somewhat predictably) a page for WORK. 

These four umbrella categories loosely cover all the areas where we mostly find our actions, our decisions, our pleasure and our pain. 
“Just a page!?!” we hear you cry. 
“Yes, just a page.” we murmur.

Inside limitations we find insights.

And this annual forecast section is very much been designed for your biggest of pictures. 

You may be able to get 6 or 8 BIG goals on each page.  But consider: is this even too much? 

Within SELF alone you could be focussing on how you express yourself and conduct your outward character, your health, money or your expression. 

This is also an area where you can tinker with the flow of your values and principles, your spiritual focus, or perhaps how you manage your thoughts, ego or anxieties. 

You can of course write anything you want in these pages. However history and experience of conducting these annual forecast ourselves suggests that it is easy to act hastily and blot your jotter.


Spend a few days reflecting on what were your successes in 2017. Then dig deep and be honest and consider what were also your setbacks over the last year.

Don’t be afraid to cast back even further into history to find some juicy teachings. Then slowly start to figure out what are your most sacred intentions for 2018.

Your Trigg has various guiding structures that will help you reach each of the goals that you write in this front section.

This is what works for us: grab a piece of scrap paper or start a new note in your phone, and spend the time between now and next week to really commit thoughts to how you’d like your story for 2018 to unfold.  Brainstorm how you want 2018 to be different from the previous year; some themes may arise.

Then don’t be scared to play boisterously with these thoughts. Magnify some, delete others. Imagine you are sketching out the framework of a chapter or even the whole story arc of a vivid story. 

What new elements do you need in your life? Why do we even need these fresh things? Why did you find yourself particularly happy recently? How can you maintain or even amplify this happiness? 

Trigg can become your map for the year ahead, yet it is just a reflection of yourself so enjoy this calm time pottering around the landscape of your experience and your most vivid of plans. 


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