Mapping our path from here into 2021 and beyond

Trigg in 2021 and beyond

2020 has been the most upside down year. It's thrown many challenges at us all, and it looked for a while that we at Trigg might have to go fallow in 2021. However, we have been absorbing the changes to the world and planning our next steps as a brand and for our community of people keen on reflection and planning.  

The good news for all ardent Life Mapper users out there is that we aim to bring you a Trigg product for 2021. It'll deliver on all the key features. It just might come in a slightly different, more agile form.


Surviving 2020

Covid has affected our publishers' supply lines and our ability to deliver with confidence for 2021. It looks unlikely that we will have a classic Trigg available for January, instead we are;

  • Preparing a more nimble sibling product that features the heart and soul of the Life Mapper
  • Relishing bringing you a smaller and more modular form
  • Aiming to open up pre-orders for October. 

Our newsletters will continue, so expect updates on our next steps as we see our new path open up in front of us. 




  • louise beattie

    first , i’ve been using the trigg life mapper and the mini for the last two years i live the product and have just started my fourth of this year . looking at getting organised for 2022 . Have you any news if you will be bringing back the life mapper .

  • JO Bastick

    Hi there , Have you any idea when the Trigg life Mapper 2021 is coming out. I have been searching the internet and only the 2020 edition is being sold. Many Thanks

  • Dora

    I just popped on to buy my annual Trigg life mapper, my holy grail for the past two years.
    So sad that we won’t have a full 2021 version!
    I wish the whole team all the success and wanted to give my warmest regards. This product has changed my life, has helped me through tough times and happy times and I am utterly grateful for all the thought that went into it.
    I’ll take a look at the more agile version :)

  • Yoyo

    Just ordered the mini trigg in four different colours for my girlfriend. Hope it comes before christmas here in Sweden.


    Hi there,

    Hope you well.
    It’s a shame the new Trigg wont come out as usual but do you have more detail regarding the product you mentioned you been planning instead?? Trigg is literally my very favorite planner and is a huge shame it won’t be out. I’d buy it every time even if it would be more expensive…

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