Keeping focused with Trigg

Connection is vital for our soul

by Thomas Delaney

Throughout my life, I grew up in extremely hostile and violent environments, like most addicts I experienced a great deal of Trauma, ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and from a very early age, I always wondered why I was never loved. 

I felt abandoned and worthless, I grew up with the belief that I was the problem.  Along with other influences, ultimately this led me into a life of addiction.

When I finally hit rock-bottom, I had lost everything and I don’t just mean those materialistic possessions we value so highly; I had lost connection with my family and friends but most of all I had lost myself.  I looked forward to death, death was the only entity I could see that would end my pain and suffering.

Physically, mentally and spiritually I was broken, but I had hope and determination.

Luckily for me, hitting rock-bottom had also made me think deeply and question my own life. I had two choices – die from my addiction or get up off my a#se and tackle those demons that had tortured me throughout my life.  Thankfully I chose the latter and went into rehabilitation.  I weighed just over 6 stone, physically, mentally and spiritually I was broken, but I had hope and determination. 

I’ve always been very driven and nothing was going to stand in my way as I stepped into recovery. As I write this to you today, I am 639 days free from drugs and alcohol. My life has never been as good, and yes, sometimes life can still be cruel but now I don’t deal with it by using. 

Connection is vital for our soul and this diary certainly inspires that!

I use my Trigg diary to help me keep me focused and planned. I love how the book sets you tasks and challenges your way of thinking, old habits for me can be very dangerous and Trigg certainly supports growth and inspires change. I love the daily quotes and find the whole process very spiritual. 

If I can leave you with any form of wisdom, it is this – one thing that’s vital for our soul is Connection and this diary certainly inspires that!

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For advice or support on addiction and dependency contact Mind or Humankind.

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Thomas Delaney, a former drug addict, talks about his experiences with addiction and how he got himself on the road to recovery on LADbible.

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