How to hang your procrastination out to dry

I am one of these people who’s great at having big ideas - but pretty crap at getting things done.

Somedays I'll have 100 thoughts in a minute - all good but most too fleeting to hold onto.

I find if I don't grasp those thoughts, or write them down, they'll haunt me all day, like wet sodden clothes going round and round in a great big thumping tumble drier that never stops thudding. 


Thoughts haunt my consciousness. Thoughts like 'book that driving lesson'. 'Call your aunt, you pathetic excuse for a niece'. 'Take that top to the dry cleaners. It's been a year! Take it in!' But between work, running the house, keeping in vague touch with friends and family and - speaking frankly - cocking about online far too many times a day, it can just often seem there isn't enough TIME to get these things done.  

That's bullshit of course. I could do all of the above in a single hour of a single day. But without a plan, they have no hope - resigned instead to tumble about an inefficient wash till the end of time.  

It's funny how the simple act of writing down your priorities helps crystallise them in your brain. Brings them out of the cycle and onto the line where they linger in plain view.  

Until I used Trigg, I hid many things away in the drum. I didn't start my driving lessons , call my aunt (it had been months..) and I didn't buy any of the books for my new uni course. It was on my mind every day for months to do these things but, day-to-day, it was more tempting to look at random people's wedding pics on Facebook. So that's what I did instead. All because I was missing a plan. (Because hey: who would ever thoughtfully plan to squirrel down an FB rabbit hole for hours every day?!)


It's one of my favourite maxims that every self help or time management book can be summed up thus: do things in order of importance -- most important first -- start now.  

But without knowing what that order of importance is, we just vape around as if in a spacesuit, being drawn this way or that as the wind blows. 

Trigg changed all this for me. I can't say it changed my life but it helped ME to change my life. Do you have any idea how proud I felt when I booked that first driving lesson? When I hung up after a 20 minute natter with my aunt? I felt elated. No exaggeration.  The clothes had come out onto the line, got aired, folded and put away and it felt awesome. 


I also like looking back at my week, reviewing what went well and making notes on what to improve next week. The little nudge to note what I am grateful for left me smiling each weekend. Writing my blessings down gifted me an extra moment to ponder on my luck.

After a while, I found jotting a few lines down daily was like me speaking to myself in a nice kind, wise voice, jollying myself on to do the most important things first. Trigg became my pal, an aide and someone I always want by my side.  

I honestly think everyone who gives it a go will benefit like I have. Why not give it a go and see what happens for you?

Words By Geraldine Maynes 


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