Anti-Black Friday - Trigg Charity Report

Trigg rejected Black Friday. 

The horror show continued - so called "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" - this year saw consumer spending rise 18% in the US and 12% in the UK.

86% of retailers participated in discounting their goods in an attempt to join this odious retail frenzy. Worryingly, the UK is limbering up to adopt this auspicious retail date as much as the US has gladly purveyed it. 

Trigg, like many other independent businesses, offered an alternative to Black Friday: we transformed this day instead into "Light Friday" and pledged to give all our money to mental health charity We feel it is important on these days to try and cast some positive light across a weekend that pretty sums up why the human race is damned. 

Black Friday represents yet another huge divide forming in our country where more unnecessary items are flogged into a void. It is a disgusting notion based on gluttony and wasted resources. In the UK, many of the offers happened in London, a city where 1 in 4 parents worry about feeding their children

We are proud to announce we sold 31 Triggs on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and will be donating £155 to this week. We appreciate this seems token but the alternative of doing nothing and quietly acquiescing by selling on these dates was intolerable. 

We are rejecting all the aggressive consumerism that is associated with this most greedy of modern calendar dates. We think this mindless retail frenzy is ridiculous, harrowing and is unsustainable. We perceive that such commercial behaviour distills so much of what is wrong in our behaviour as a society. Greed, profiteering, rivalry and aggression are not paths to happiness. 

All year we have been urging you to reflect on your fortunes and revel in your gratitudes.  Let's look to a more viable model of understanding our needs and how best to share our resources.

In other positive news: our latest edition of Trigg just won "Best 2018 Diary" at the UK Calendar Awards in London. We are thrilled to bits to receive the award and hope the love we poured into creating this mindfulness diary continues to help people. 

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