Your 'To Do' List is Probably a Delusional Psychopath

Imagine if you were a surgeon who had a crazy nurse shouting random nouns in your face for the entire length of an operation?

Think Trigg: To Do Lists

Now consider if this same nurse refused to hand you the correct instruments just when you needed them?

Instead this nurse simply hurled trays of sterilised items at your head, or on the floor, in a meaningless order whilst ranting about fixing a washing machine.

Without the appropriate order and two-way dialogue then your surgical system would break down. Your patient may even die.  

However, writing down every single thing you need to do in your life, in no order, with no plan and then expecting the process to be pain free (or even safe) is the equivalent to hiring the delusional healthcare worker above. 

Your work and the way your life unfolds is presumably important to you. Therefore your planning and flow should function exactly as any medical operation.

A goal should be identified and planned then meticulously attained thanks to a precise process coherently delivered in a calm and collaborative fashion. Not the bathing the walls in metaphorical and unnecessary blood.

Just as a caddie pulls out exactly the right club for the golfer’s next shot, your To Do list should gift to you the most appropriate tasks for that moment, process or section of your day.

So why use an untrained, disruptive, chaotic and ignorant system to get through your busy day?

Trigg is a paper productivity companion that will propel you faster and more effectively towards your real goals in life.

It's all about perspective. 

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