Trigg wins "Best 2018 Diary" at the UK Calendar Awards, London

We are so proud to announce that our 2018 Trigg Life Mapper was awarded "Best 2018 Diary - Generic" at London's annual Calendar Awards on the 29th November in London. 

The full list of winners at "The Calies" can be found HERE

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Winner of the Best 2018 Diary

We raised an eyebrow over their categorisation and use of the word "Generic". We've never been described as "generic" before. We even pointed out to them that our Trigg Life Mappers feature daily productivity quads, reflection pages, a weekly planner section, annual forecast opportunities, 6 month goal target reviews and a whole annual review process for personal development. Regardless of the word, we are thrilled to be bestowed with their broad commendation in stationery. 

Trigg was designed in 2016 through crowd sourcing the opinions and behaviour patterns of productivity and mindfulness experts. It was then funded through a community Kickstarter campaign for production in 2017. This year we were lucky to have won another award at the London Stationery Show.

We will soon be evolving our 2019 edition and would love your feedback on how you'd like to see it gently evolve alongside the needs of ambitious and thoughtful people. If you have any thoughts please mail us at

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  • kelly mcintyre

    I got your diary for christmas from a good friend last year. I couldn’t do without it now! I love the look and feel, but mainly it reminds me to set goals and do my best to get my shit together. To be fair it would hard for me to get my shit together but your diary at least reminds me every day that I’m making an effort! Cheers MaDears xx

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