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Introducing the Trigg A3 Productivity Weekly and Daily Desk Pad Companion

The Trigg Desk Companion is a double sided desk planner pad with daily planner or weekly planner layouts. This undated table top companion has tear off pages. It is an A3 pad designed to increase your productivity by helping you to focus on important and urgent tasks whilst helping you track priorities in a diary format, and surface other valuable thoughts through journaling and scribbling.   Trigg A3 desk pad The daily desk pad view features the same “Priority Matrix” as well as an appointments list, a box for important details, a bigger scribble space and a gratitude prompt to help you find deeper reflections and thanks. Enjoy 64 tear off pages to fill in, fill up then pin to your wall to...

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Rituals, Rebirth and Homemade Reflection Ceremonies

Emotions will hang around. Our ego can bolster negative worries or anxieties for longer than we’d like. Opinions or statements from friends, family or colleagues can haunt us badly. Worrying about the coming year can magnify existing concerns. Not all our thoughts and emotions can tally up as neatly as we like to arrange them in a book or journal. This is where ceremonies and ritualised methods of purging thoughts can play a quick and effective role in calming our thoughts and finding more focus.

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