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Music in the modern world isn’t just for pleasure, it’s often an essential refuge.

Concentration Station

Concentration Station has been designed as a playlist using the findings from scientific studies. The science reinforces our own instincts borne from years of working incredibly well to these tracks.

You can maintain your productive bubble by listening to music with specific characteristics: 

  • Instrumental tracks with no lyrics
  • Recurring motifs build a sense familiarity  
  • Medium pace around 130 bpm
  • Subtle tempo shifts maintain sense of progression
  • Long rolling tracks with no sudden changes or abrupt details 
  • Songs with naturalistic sound elements

Discover your true flow and allow your subconscious to gently bathe in these 90 molten minutes of stripped back structures and subtle streams of sound. 

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This above playlist increases the scope of productivity thanks to the below distinct musical characteristics, we'd advise using an adblocker to enhance and preserve your bubble of focus. 


Trying to have two conversations at the same is not only hard, it often makes people angry. So why would you try to write or think whilst someone sings inside your head. Not surprisingly research has shown that intelligible speech is an impairment to concentration and focus. Try to listen to music that doesn’t have speaking or verbal elements. 


Our brains are highly attuned to different tempos and we react significantly to the pace of what we hear. For example this study shows how listening to music at around 60 bpm can reduce stress and anxiety. 

High tempos above 150 bpm are distracting, therefore listening to rock or drum and bass risks the outcome of you sticking with your task. You may have noticed over the years that a great tempo of music for studying, working or writing is around 120 to 130 bpm, or in more lay terms the pace of electronic dance music. Tracks of this nature also have the added headspace bonus of being hypnotically long. 


There is zen like middle path approach to working or studying with music. Concentration works on a very fine tipping point. Too much of a good thing and you’ll destroy your work headspace. Too much volume or too much detail and you may find all attention has shifted the music to the front of your mind. For more information on hitting this sweet spot read this study.


Research suggests that it is easier to work to music that you find familiar. Hence why we have designed this playlist to feature tracks that roll on for 15 minutes, allowing your mind to accept their format and motifs. There are also remixes of the same track and work produced under pseudonym. We also suggest repeat listens to further elevate your mental state. This study shows that repetition helps to create further immersion within a task which is why you’ll find beautifully long and subtle tracks in the playlist above. 


The Acoustical Society of America revealed last year that working alongside naturalistic sounds will reduce stress and lower heart rate. This study details that sounds of rain, water, wind etc... allow us to become more relaxed. And when we find a deeper level of relaxation then we are more productive. This calmer state also massively increases the conditions for when we produce creative ideas. 

Trigg is a paper productivity companion that will propel you faster and more effectively towards your real goals in life. Ascend to greater perspective. 




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